Eileen Myles

Free Food

Now that I'm gone
I want you to eat my sweater
eat my socks
eat my dress
Now that I'm gone 
eat my wife
eat my band
eat this song and forget it
forget my green socks
forget my cucumber arms
with pinholes
forget my green crayon
forget my wife
forget my kid's big eyes 
when she was facing the audience
after I was dead
forget the baby camera
beaming over courtney l's 
my baby
looking at your wet food in the bathtub
my baby going to modellng school 
my baby feeling like modelling clay
in somebody's hands
baby my green poem
I dont' care what you eat
and when you die
I don't care what restaurants
play my song while people
eat steak
you know this is  a menu
from the past; I'm a sample man
you can't protect me 
not my sausage and not my greens
not even the idea of me
I would like flowers in the desert
I would like a meteor shower
I would like a salad on mars
can you scream
do you know there's no kind
of temptation
do you know what I want
nothing's wrong
nothing's wrong
nothing's wrong

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