Peter Richards

brother, you are near to me, very close- a scepter,

a wishing, an evergreen finally now we both can

imagine. And also like the humid lips, we both

have them and no matter what the retangle decides

there was a piece of music (it saw us)  both of us

were wearing, only the background was flat, growing

intensely black, for we had not yet sat together 

in the field with the all night shaopes and tha t taste

beyond all capture. I'm holding it now for your letter

and I are sitting together-- O exquiste one watching

horizintally and searing that place where the two 

where the both where together we finally do appear

five fold and quick -- i imagine you as another land

(such does it sear not to be near you) and what power,

what machinery. Do you know about that mirror too?

The irreparable mirror where buildings are hiding

and a cough (the slightest loving cough) unfulrls

from the teat, yes whispering, but not so much as

whispering but what? i dont know. open the door love 


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