David Rivard


To jump or not in this country

where we're encouraged to everyday

take the leap,feeling guilty about pleasure, & so we like

our parties, polis, sex, appetizers,

mixed drinks, politocoes, & movies loud:I don't know about you

but the chance to leap has never interested me

actually & experts too I find

boring beyond all accounting:all those with heads loaded

with singlular musics

what existed before them I'd like to know:

what will come in their place:

abundant rain for the snipes to gutter in,

construction workers in the heat watched over

by bandoliered cops,

tattooed bicycle shop girls,

all those who gaze downward as they pass you

by the lighting outlet:

the imperfectly boring boorish everything

everyone is every once in awhile

are the only ones who

in the midst of protocols

and festivities ought to be allowed

a license to dispense advice--elsewise I would fain

eat beer-batttered shrimp by the noctilucent

branch bank

while watching a chocolate lab

patiently trample

the ranunculus. 

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