Matthew Rohrer




In the Caucasus they have them

In the Hindu Kush

In the Carolinas they have them

they have them at the bottom of the sea

Hitler in his bedroom

and his generals, in  Bavarian eyries

they have them in the chaparral

and they are coming, they are

coming down the glidepath over Damascus

they are coming to the Sudan

too late, they are coming

to the oasis in the storm, they are

coming from the basement

you will hear them

coming from the basement

and believe you are dreaming

you will believe they have HAARP

in their hands, and are coming

out of the auroral sphere,

they are in the colleges

and coming,

down the ley lines they are coming

out of books

they materialize in the air

and thunder

and they have them

in the thunder, you can hear them

walking with its legs,

they are walking through the sea

in their anomalies

they have passed along these lines

before, they are coming again

can you hear them

as they pass

their enormous hands across us

they are folded in prayer

and are coming through the channels

now in their medals

and their neatly-pressed uniforms 

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