Roy Blount, Jr.

Everything is a way to advertise something these days, everything is in service of some sort of package, isn't it?, and
What kind of writing comes
Of servicing a package?
What ever it is is some
Manner of hackage.

I want to write for the...for the trophy is it, or for the ride?

For the ride.

The ride and getting thrown and getting back on the horse. The horse is real, the horse knows what it's doing, you can't doubt the horse.

If you do: remorse.

This isn't a poetic -- mine, I should say -- mine is not a poetic horse, but it does like to rhyme
Some of the time.

So that's the horse, and here we go, buckety-buckety...

Incidentally when my elder grandson, Jesse Roy Delea, was taken to his first rodeo, he saw people roping and throwing down a calf, roping a goat, and I can't think of the word...anway, what you call it when a cowboy jumps on an animal and wrestles it to the ground, pins its head, throws it over flat, wraps a rope around its legs, leaving it unable to rise:

Bulldogging, is that what it's called? One problem with riding the horse, the horse of writing -- one problem is when you can pin down the word you want, and you're too damn stubborn to move on...

The RIGHT word, wrote Mark Twain, comes "electrically prompt," but he meant it comes that way to the reader; maybe not to the writer -- we must labor for hours sometimes to make it look like the product of a moment's thought: Yeats roughly quoted.

Anyway here's what my eldest grandson said (he was about seven, or eight, years of age). He said:

"What little animal are they going to jump on next?"

Maybe my horse is only large enough to enable me to jump on little animals -- that is to say, to jump on little animals only.

But don't blame the horse: it's a poor rider that does.

You can't doubt the horse. I love my horse. My horse, whatever else may be said, is not in service to anybody's package

Oof! My horse just bucked and threw me up in the air just high enough for me to come down hard on my package.

Little off-c0lor humor there. Well that's about all I have for this time period, so I believe I will ride off into the sunset now, and trophies will come as trophies will.

Yours, with a Hi-yo...

From Roy Blount Jr and the horse he rode in on.

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