Brad Leithauser

Someone is looking for tundra animals. 

Someone is looking for Ithaca, but does not know how to spell it. 

Someone is looking for Christmas, or for snow; it isn't clear.

It isn't clear, but clearly someone is looking through the snow.

Someone is always looking.  Forgive us our sleeplessness. 

And forgive us the loss of the animals.  We're still looking for them.  We want you to know: we're still looking for them.

 The search engine goes out--or in.  We need to ask the search engine which way it goes...

We made it--the engine--and it is ours, and we ask it for confirmation: Didn't we make you?  And aren't you ours?

We are looking to you, we say.  And aren't you ours?

If we could find them, we would ask the animals.

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