Matthew Rohrer



I love you. You lifted up

a car and moved it

into the sea for me


so i could park

and eat squid

with nothing on


and then you hit me

while i squatted

over the archaic toilet


in the madness

I could have killed you

or screwed the waitress


I stood before the mirror

late at night

in our parents' house


staring into my eyes

who are you?

you just had sex


for the fifth time,

the sixth time

I used to remember


what time each time

was, i counted

up to 30 or 35


I grabbed you

and threw you

to the baked clay


You punched my eye

it made a sound

like *pock* 


which distracted us

from the fight

the sound was perfect


then I pulled your feet

out from under you

and you hit your head


on Italy -- you floated

down the Po

I lay on the couch


and read about you

breathing miraculously



and Kim

who was large

for a girl


but cute--

big boned

came to me one night


What do you mean

she's big boned? you said

Dinosaurs are big boned


her white punk hair

at sea

on the swell


a terrible gift

i looked in the mirror

but couldn't meet my eyes


there, and Kim

stepped away

into a bottle of wine



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