Thylias Moss

Here come the cosmic bullets

celestial gravy

of atomic nuclei, cosmic ray debris
when stars fall apart, champions od decay

Inside the space ship
with intention just to orbit

astronauts close their eyes
and nuclei of iron, nuclei of oxygen 
penetrate --no; too mild

(imagine strikethrough of penetrate above,
italicized penetrate here)

and nuclei of iron, nuclei of oxygen
attack, barrel through the eyeball

and the astronauts must see these flashes of light

--that is the only kind of light I want to honor
the unkind that refuses blindness

that requires accessibility of itself

unlike a poem that will be only one form of text --could I type better, then this would I make

with literal closed eyes

Come on cosmic rays, giddyup; arrive
already, energetic particle beasts
from incredibly distant sources; get here
and bore through just one

of my chromosomes and change, change, change it    (all one line)

for all the descendants such mutation
might make impossible

or unnecessary

it's the off chance (maybe the usual situation)
of a survival advantage, gift of the gamma,
gift of beyond gamma

of a change that is survival advantage

that makes me crave plunge,
the billions of atomic daggars

--choose me, me; I'll go under and under
the dazzle 

that renders me useless 
for what I've always been

not that I've had enough of that

but to hear the magnetic noise of the galaxy
and to join in its making

dominating, dominating
undermining all other music

that writes itself  against
this magnetic noise

saying everything
saying encompass
saying totality, totality
saying totality, totality

though totality 
cannot possibly be perceived.

--not a period, a greatly  magnified
cosmic particle, concentration

of repeated hits

right herehereherehereherehere
--imagine friction

to accompany the fire I feel,
to endorse.

--also not a period.

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