QuickMuse in the News

  • The Word

    QuickMuse profiled on the BBC program The Word

  • Fast Company

    QuickMuse Editor and Publisher Ken Gordon waxes philosophical on what he's learned forcing great poets through the sluice of the present.

  • Yahoo! Pick

    Whether you're studying to be an inspired genius or you're inspired by genius in general, QuickMuse can offer a brief but powerful glimpse into the act of writing.

  • Boston Globe [PDF]

    "For the reader, it's always fun to be present at the creation," Peseroff says of the QuickMuse challenge. "For the poet, it's almost as if you're an experimental subject and everybody gets to watch the process. They get to see how much you revise, whether you write the whole thing and then go back. Readers get a sense of how a writer most typically proceeds -- what's the first thing the writer does in response to a prompt. But it's always a draft."

  • New York Times [PDF]

    For her part [poet Thylias] Moss said that "the idea of writing a poem in this very naked way appealed to me" and that "it gave me the ability to reveal some of the ways I interact with Elizabeth Bishop's words, some of my patterns of thinking, without second-guessing myself."

  • .net

    In a small way, I think it's what happens whenever the right technological tool comes into contact with great artistry -- I suppose Louis Lumière might have had a similar reaction had he gotten to see something like The Godfather.

  • The Verb on BBC 3

    QuickMuse editor and publisher Ken Gordon raps with the the folks on the BBC radio program The Verb.

  • Front Row on BBC 4

    Glyn Maxwell discusses his QuickMuse experience.

  • The Observer

    There's nothing new about bardic competition, but the fascination of Quickmuse is that the website displays not only the finished poem but the process of its composition: keystroke by keystroke, deletion by deletion, while a clock ticks backwards. It is a riveting insight into the poets' compositional method.

  • Heliomag

  • Newton Magazine

  • Publico

  • The Tallahassee Democrat

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